Flashlight nights in the Corn Maze - Newton Grove, NC

Nighttime Adventures

Night brings a whole new experience to Naylor Family Farm. We offer "Flashlight Nights" and campfires. You can't get these during the day, so try coming at night with your family or group.

Flashlight Nights

Flashlight Nights

Going through a maze and getting lost at night is a totally different experience than in the day. Are you up for the challenge and adventure of a maze after dark? Use a flashlight to help you find your way around the next corner. It's hard enough during the day, but at night, it's a real challenge! [more info]

Buy your flashlight from us after you get here, or bring your own.

Campfires for Groups

Campfires for Groups and Parties

Bring your group at night and enjoy your own private campfire. After you finish the maze, relax out by the campfire in the country.

Bring your group and roast some hot dogs or marshmallows. A campfire in the fall is a great way to spend an evening or warm up on a cool night.

  • Be sure to call ahead to make your reservation.
  • Sticks and fire are $1.00 per person, 20 people or $20.00 minimum.
  • Bring your own campfire food.
  • Fresh air and wide open space in the country make a great backdrop.